About Satellite Doge-1

Satellite Doge-1 was Tweeted by Elon Musk in May 9th, 2021 Click here to see tweet.  Stating that:

SpaceX will be launching Satellite Doge-1 to the moon next year.  

-Mission paid for in Doge

-1st crypto in space

-1st meme in space

To the moooonnn!!

The mission was officially scheduled for November of 2023.    It was then delayed until January 12, 2024 to be aboard the Intuitive Machines IM-1 mission to the moon. 

Satellite Doge-1 was not ready for the IM-1 mission.    The IM-1 mission was delayed to February 14th, 2024 and did successfully launch their lunar lander to the moon.   

Satellite Doge-1 was delayed and is projected to be on an upcoming moon mission in 2024.   No official day or time has been scheduled yet.   It is possible for the satellite to be on the IM-2 or IM-3 missions. 

Geometric Energy Corporation’s DOGE 1 is a Distributed Ledger Technology and Imaging mission intended reach a stable lunar orbit and operate for up to two years.

It is the first mission to demonstrate Blockchain Technology beyond LEO. Geometric paid the launch contract entirely using the Dogecoin cryptocurrency.

The DOGE-1 mission entails the design, integration, launch, deployment to a stable lunar orbit, and operation of a 12U CubeSat spacecraft bus and accompanying payloads. The launch mass is 13.8 kg.

The DOGE-1 payloads consist of:

  • Development of Distributed Public Ledger Technology and related imaging, authorization, and authentication services (i.e., communications, control, on board transaction processing, public ledger management, monetizable display imaging overlay experiment).
  • Development of Interoperable Network Communication Architecture applications, including correlated range, rate, and attitude data for performance analysis. (i.e., GNSS above constellation navigation data acquisition, cooperative laser retroreflector target, cooperative relay target).

DOGE-1 is designed to demonstrate technologies that enable relay nodes for ancillary services (Comm, Data, Time, Nav) between Earth satellites, constellations, ground stations, and other lunar orbiting and landed devices.

DOGE-1 is intended to serve as a precursor infrastructure testbed for Geometrics envisioned commercial IoT network based on Interoperable Network Communication Architectures.

The launch of DOGE-1 spacecraft was manifested as a lunar Rideshare payload on the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch vehicle Nova-C IM-1 flight. Once DOGE-1 is deployed on a Trans Lunar Injection (TLI) trajectory, it will transition via a minimum energy ballistic trajectory using its electric propulsion system to the most stable elliptical lunar orbit achievable. The DOGE-1 spacecraft will be launched as a Surfboard payload from the second stage of the Falcon rocket. Shortly before the launch of the Nova-C IM-1 mission, Geometric engineering announced that the DOGE-1 satellite will be postponed to a later launch.

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