Doge-1 Ecosystem

Satellite Doge-1 has an ecosystem of utilities to support and expand the project beyond just a meme token.

Telegram Bots

These bots are available to be added to any telegram group or channel.    They provide links back to Satellite Doge-1 Community as well as paid advertisements for Doge-1 marketing income.

Satellite Scanner Bot

This bot was developed to be one of the fastest and most accurate contract scanning bots in the space.  It can scan contracts from 21 different networks and more being added.   With real time scanning, it provides information on a contract to help protect the user from investing in contracts that have recently changed.

Satellite AI Bot

This bot was developed to offer AI information at lightning speed within your telegram.   Simply ask it any question you desire and await its detailed response.  

Token Ecosystem

Satellite Doge-1 has partnership tokens that support Doge-1 and each other.  To bring all tokens in the ecosystem to desired success and sharing resources to reach milestones rapidly.

Satellite Doge-1

This space related meme token has a strong team and telegram bot utilities.   With its 1% tax, it is able to fund its Telegram bots, and a strong team of raiders and shillers across the ecosystem.  Satellite Doge-1 will be able to transmit transactions with the doge blockchain.  As well as sending imagery and advertisements back to Earth.  The meme token aims to become a secondary token to transact space related commerce alongside Dogecoin.  

Satellite Dragon-1

This token was designed specifically as a support token to Satellite Doge-1.    It has 4% taxes that are used for marketing, and for buybacks and burns of both Dragon-1 and Doge-1 Tokens.  Dragon-1 celebrates all SpaceX Dragon capsule launches.  The dragon capsule transports humans to their destination, whether it be the International Space Station, the Moon, and someday Mars and beyond!   It is the Year of the Dragon and is year to bring good fortune to all.

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